Aikido Yoseikan Breda

We are honored to present the new Aikido Logo designed for the Aikido Yoseikan Breda School.

Traditionally Yoseikan Aikido contains all the aspects present in other aikido schools, for example Ai (harmony), Ki (energy), Kokyu (breath), Seika-no-itten (one point), Irimi (entering), and Tenkan (turning). Other important aspects from judo are also included, including Kuzushi (unbalancing), Tsukuri (positioning), Jita kyoei (mutual welfare and prosperity), Sei ryoku zen yo (maximum efficiency).

Roel Van Beusekom is the co-founder of the Yoseikan style and since 1980 engaged in aikido. Roel is the 5th Dan in Yoseikan - Aikido teacher and gives lessons in his dojo located in Breda, in addition, he also teach at the School of Human Movement in Zwolle - The Netherlands. He was looking for a logo able to show the name of the school and express the ancient tradition and philosophy of the Aikido: "the way of harmony with the energy of the universe"

We used the colors and Japanese symbols combining them with the kanji typography. We also use 2 different shades of red inside the raising sun to highlight the word KI which means energy in Japanese.

Our role in this project: Logo Development & Graphic Design.

> Visit Aikido Yoseikan Breda website.

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