Ninja Cutter Trimmer Machine

The Ninja Cutter is becoming very quick a great and best alternative in the industry of leaf trimmers worldwide. Their philosophy is based on innovation and high quality offering efficient, durable and high valued machines.


House & Garden Spain

Hose & Garden is a Dutch company producer of one of highest quality fertilizers available on the world market and is the only fertilizer company that maintains its own laboratory giving them a clear advantage in the field of research and developing new products.


Root Crusher

The Root Crusher is a new and unique machine developed and produced in the Netherlands designed to clean, crush and eliminates any waste roots in the soil of any pot efficiently and quickly.

It also brings oxygen to the deeper layers and helps the roots of the new plant to breath and grow healthy. It also helps to the homogeneous distribution of organic nutrients and at the same time improves the structure and composition of the soil.

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